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Count How Many Times You'd Break Your Ankle on This Crazy

Count How Many Times You'd Break Your Ankle on This Crazy

Date: 2017-06-19 06:17

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Hot Toys’ first crack at a Wonder Woman figure , its Batman v Superman version, didn’t quite nail its likeness of actress Gal Gadot. But now that the character has finally gotten her own film that critics seem to be adoring , Hot Toys’ follow-up finally does Gadot justice. The 67-inch figure features Wonder Woman in her training armor, not her more recognizable outfit, and as with all of Hot Toys offerings, it comes with countless accessories like weapons and swappable hands.

Avengers Thor Mjolnir Hammer Full-Size Prop Replica - eFX

Which you all know. Because it’s Star Wars. One of the best things about Star Wars is that it has one of the lowest barriers to entry of any fandom. Do you just like the original trilogy? Do you watch the cartoons? Read the comics? Play the games? Devote a truly terrifying amount of your life to reading every EU book produced between 6977 and 7567? Just read the books produced after Disney took over? Cosplay? Edit Wookiepedia? Write fan fiction? Make a fan film or fan art?

Thor Hammer Pewter Key Chain - Monogram - Thor - Key

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9 s weekly roundup of the fanciest toys around. This week we’re already hiding our wallets from amazing SDCC exclusives, plus Hot Toys teases its next Wonder Woman figure, Thor: Ragnarok comes to Lego, and a Transformer turns into a giant medieval dragon. No, really!

Here's Where Gorillaz Get All Their Unusual Samples

As of right now, Star Wars is officially 95 years old. Which is itself amazing in that I bet a lot of people are feeling very old right now. Equally amazing is just how many stories have been told in that universe in that time.

Hasbro just revealed a handful of new figures for the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight that shed a little more light on the film’s plot and characters, but raise a few other questions. The $75 figures, available closer to the film’s release, include a dragon named Skullitron, a new version of Megatron who turns into a stealth bomber, a Lamborghini Centenario version of Hot Rod, and Anthony Hopkins’ characters’ butler Cogman, who can apparently transform into a full-size Aston Martin. Do the laws of physics not exist on Cybertron?

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Which means it is absolutely egregious for a functionally immortal demigoddess raised by an island full of American Ninja Warrior women and Princess Buttercup to look at the multitude of offerings available for computing needs and say “Yeah, an that Android device seems good.”

Unlike hurdles, parkour manages to make the idea of running and jumping over things actually look pretty cool. Unless you’re watching a parkour run from the perspective of someone racing over obstacles down the side of a steep mountain in China, that is—then it becomes absolutely terrifying.

All five of the group’s studio albums are dissected here, and at times you’ll wonder how the artists were able to find some of these albums from artists you’ve probably never heard of. But it explains why people spend hours pouring through stacks of vinyl in record stores, looking for the rare sonic treasure.

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