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Why did my cat die suddenly, with no symptoms of illness

Why did my cat die suddenly, with no symptoms of illness

Date: 2017-06-14 11:05

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Hi all posting to the site. Sorry to hear of your losses. I hope you 8767 re all coping as best you can. More hugs

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Peep passed unexpectedly at age 68. I had just put him in his carrier to take him to the vet 8767 s office to be bathed and groomed. He started meowing loudly which should have alerted me that something was wrong. I dropped him off at the vet 8767 s and said my goodbyes never knowing this was the last time I would see him. An hour later while I was at the manicurist the groomer phoned me to tell me that when she reached into the carrier to get Peep his little tongue was blue and he appeared to be having a seizure. She called the vet (her husband) but it was too late. He apparently suffered a massive heart attack and was gone. The groomer was so shaken up by this incident and I don 8767 t blame her.

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Sorry to hear of your lose Stephanie.
Never say never. Time heals and maybe you will be ready to have another cat someday.

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Blessings to all of you who have lost a beloved pet, whether they shared your life for a day or a decade. In November 7559, we lost our 66 year old cat Tifanie. She was a silver-shaded persian and she was so precious like a little princess, but she was also ill before she passed, so it was expected but still devastating. I still cry sometimes when I think about her.

I feel for you and your dauhter Melissa. I can say that my mom and family help me through losing my cat Rico by giving me time to get through it. By telling me that it was okay to cry. Today is the first day I went back to school since it happened and I cried so hard when I got home because he waited for me after school. Just be kind to her and give her love and support.

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On Sept 66 MY daughter said that something was wrong with our cat Sissy. He was very lathargic. He was a very fat and active playful scardey cat. I went to work at 8:55 and asked my husband to check on him when he got home at 8:55. Our sweet sissy gone. He was always healthy kitty. I feel so bad for not taking him to vet.

I lost my dear buddy , Benny, this morning, unexpectedly. I loved him cuddled next to me
on a daily basis, after work while would waiting for my husband to come home from work he cuddled next to me everynight while relaxing and watching TV. He was such a love! I was working early this morning, and my husband, called, and said to come upstairs right away. Benny lay dead.. what a shock! He had no prior sympthoms. In fact , we said how good he looked, such a gorgeus cat, and such a darling and loving companion. We will miss him dearly.

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