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Of Thor and Giants - Timeless Myths

Of Thor and Giants - Timeless Myths

Date: 2017-06-27 01:29

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Idun was the keeper of apples of youth. These special apples were required to keep the Aesir youthful. Without the apples, the gods and goddesses would grow old and weak.

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Eventually Thor launched forward at his brother, knocking both of them out of the Observatory where Loki seemingly nearly fell off the Rainbow Bridge. However when Thor attempted to save him, Loki revealed it to be another trick and surrounded Thor his illusions of himself, laughing manically. After a gruesome fight  Thor managed to tie Loki down by placing Mjølnir on top of him and went to stop the Bifrost but saw that it was too far gone to be stopped now.

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While Thor stopped all of the Avengers from attacking it, the being apologized for its own actions and then offered his gratitude to Thor before taking a similar appearance to the God of Thunder's outfit, mainly the cape and gauntlets. Thor explained that he witnessed a vision where the Earth will be destroyed, given to him by the Scarlet Witch , and at the center of it is the Infinity Stones , including the Mind Stone, which is implanted on the android's forehead.

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As Thor and the others argued, Hawkeye , under Loki 's mind control, managed to use his trick arrows to blow up one of the Helicarrier 's engines, causing a massive fireball to strike into the room which all of the Avengers were in. Thor was knocked back while the blast also triggered Bruce Banner to transform into the Hulk. Thor found the Hulk moments before he would have killed Black Widow , knocking him through a wall. Thor fought the Hulk, being the only one who could match him for strength, as Thor held off Hulk's massive arm, Thor tired and failed to reason with Banner, hoping he was still inside the Hulk's mind.

Aegir was holding a feast for the gods, but did not have enough ale to be able to invite everyone. Tyr suggested that they go to his father, the giant Hymir , who had a magic cauldron, which would allow Aegir to brew almost unlimited ale.

While the Convergence began and all the worlds were almost in line, Thor's allies put Gravimetric Spikes around the area ready to disrupt the Convergence as much as possible until Malekith had arrived, smashing through the Royal Naval College. Thor landed before Malekith's Ark and the pair faced each other on the battleground, as Malekith told him he should not have come so far as he would soon die regardless.

After discovering that his old love Jane Foster had cancer, [86] Thor confronted a returning Malekith , who had set out to kill every Dark Elf who wouldn't follow him. [87] Thor found himself pitted against Roxxon in a confrontation which left the city of Broxton in ruins. While the rest of the Asgardians left Earth, Thor remained and moved his entire castle from Asgardia to Broxton so the residents of the town had a place to live. [88]

A party was held for Thor for restoring the peace throughout the Nine Realms , which soon moved into one of the caverns within Asgard. While Volstagg and Fandral both remained in high spirits, drinking and telling war stories about the many adventures and other battles involving the Warriors Three with the beautiful women as well as Volstagg's children, Thor remained somewhat silent throughout the celebration and soon left the party, allowing his friends to continue enjoying themselves as Volstagg smashed his glass on the floor and demanded another drink, leading to many joyful cheers. [9]

He found himself on a God Ark, facing the god-eating monster Demogorge. Loki was not affected by the spell which changed everybody's memories, and he tried to find a way to resurrect Thor, asking for the Silver Surfer 's help and contacting Blake. Taking his cane, he turned it back into Mjolnir, which returned to Thor, and restored everyone's memories of him. He was able to escape from the afterlife and fight for (the now called) Asgardia from an invasion of trolls and to unmask Tanarus as a transformed Ulik. [79]

Thor saw Mokkurkalfi standing beside Hrungnir. However, instead of frightening Thor, the sight of Thor caused the clay-giant to feel enough fear to wet himself. Thor came with his servant named Thialfi, who ran ahead to speak with Hrungnir.

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